See our Hands On report about the P20 and P20 Pro at this link:


08:14AM EDT - Greetings everybody, we're live here from Paris' Grand Palace where Huawei is holding their announcement event.

08:22AM EDT - Huawei make not so subtle hints that the P20 comes with possible three camera lenses. I'm looking forward to see if this strategy pans out.

08:55AM EDT - The event should be starting in 5 minutes.

08:59AM EDT - Cellular and WiFi are becoming very crowded.

09:01AM EDT - Huawei CEO richard Yu taking the stage.

09:02AM EDT - Richard is expressing his thanks to customers for Huawei's growth over the last 7 years.

09:07AM EDT - Having large connectivity issues atm!

09:09AM EDT - The P series smartphone always has the best camera technology

09:09AM EDT - design is always sleek

09:10AM EDT - First to launch dual camera flagship

09:10AM EDT - Make every shot a cover shot

09:10AM EDT - Hybrid Zoom

09:10AM EDT - Today launch is P20 and P20 Pro

09:11AM EDT - Called it P20 not P11: new lots of features

09:11AM EDT - Called P20 Pro not Plus, because of Professional features

09:12AM EDT - See every detail in your hand

09:12AM EDT - Purely symmetric design, like Chinese culture

09:13AM EDT - Degrees of symmetry

09:13AM EDT - Designed for professional photography

09:14AM EDT - See lots of colors

09:14AM EDT - Twilight color edition

09:14AM EDT - Twilight color edition

09:14AM EDT - Pink Gold

09:14AM EDT - Midnight blue

09:14AM EDT - Graphite Black

09:15AM EDT - Four colors each

09:15AM EDT - Themes for each phone

09:15AM EDT - P20 - 5.8-inch RGBW FullView Display

09:15AM EDT - 770 nits

09:16AM EDT - Longer battery life

09:16AM EDT - 6.1-inch OLED FullView Display

09:16AM EDT - 1000000:1 ratio

09:16AM EDT - high color gamut

09:16AM EDT - Same size as other 5.8-inch phones, but more display

09:17AM EDT - Edgeless fingerprint

09:17AM EDT - One fingerprint to replace three keys for short tap, long tap, and swipe

09:18AM EDT - Minimal Notch, more notifications

09:18AM EDT - Notch has speaker and ambient light receiver and camera

09:18AM EDT - Natural Tone Display

09:18AM EDT - P20 has 3400 mAh battery

09:19AM EDT - 25% more battery than other flagships

09:19AM EDT - P20 Pro is 0.6mm slimmer than Samsung, 4000 mAh battery

09:19AM EDT - IP20 is IP67 rated

09:19AM EDT - P20 is IP53

09:19AM EDT - P20 Pro is IP67 rated*

09:20AM EDT - Professional cameras are too bulky

09:20AM EDT - Huawei wants to let the camera take professional photos, powered by AI

09:21AM EDT - Master Photography powered by AI

09:21AM EDT - P20 all new AI camera

09:21AM EDT - 1.55 micron pixels on P20

09:21AM EDT - f/1.6 and f/1.8

09:21AM EDT - Larger pixels to capture more light

09:22AM EDT - Vivid color in low light

09:23AM EDT - 24MP Selfie camera on P20 and P20 Pro

09:23AM EDT - 24.8MP

09:23AM EDT - 3D facial enhancement and shaping

09:23AM EDT - Healthy skin tone adjustment

09:24AM EDT - even against back light

09:24AM EDT - 3D portrait lighting effects

09:24AM EDT - Adjust after the photo is taken

09:24AM EDT - P20 - best smartphone camera ever

09:25AM EDT - best DXOmark - 102 overall, 107 photo, 94 video

09:25AM EDT - Richard thanks the Leica and Huawei teams

09:26AM EDT - Now for the best of the best - P20 Pro

09:26AM EDT - 40MP camera on P20 Pro

09:26AM EDT - Color temp sensor embedded

09:27AM EDT - Highest pixel number in a smartphone in the industry

09:27AM EDT - 1 micron pixels in 40MP

09:27AM EDT - 1/1.7-inch sensor

09:27AM EDT - 102400 ISO

09:29AM EDT - Showing the low light performance

09:30AM EDT - Dynamic light range

09:30AM EDT - P20 Pro - most powerful zoom on a smartphone

09:30AM EDT - 3x optical zoom, 5x hybrid, 10x digital

09:30AM EDT - Details at a distance

09:31AM EDT - Here is our pre-brief hands on on the P20 and P20 Pro :)

09:32AM EDT - See text detail even at 10x

09:32AM EDT - New focus laser upgraded from 1.2m to 2.4m

09:32AM EDT - 4D predictive focus

09:33AM EDT - Zero shutter lag and intelligent motion detection

09:33AM EDT - Screen off to shoot in 0.3 sec

09:33AM EDT - Color temperature sensor

09:34AM EDT - from Leica

09:34AM EDT - Use P20/P20 Pro for pro photo

09:35AM EDT - Also 960 fps slow motion video

09:35AM EDT - AI technology on the cameras

09:35AM EDT - Master AI on the smartphone

09:35AM EDT - 500+ scenarios in 19 categories detected

09:36AM EDT - AI assisted composition

09:37AM EDT - such as horizon photo - it will help to adjust

09:37AM EDT - or group photo, make sure everyone is in frame

09:37AM EDT - Now 8-second long exposure also AI assisted

09:37AM EDT - Huawei AIS

09:37AM EDT - AI Image Stabilization

09:38AM EDT - Machine Learning based multi-frame stabilization

09:38AM EDT - As long as six seconds

09:38AM EDT - (OK, that's gone down from our briefing)

09:39AM EDT - More astonishing photos due to long exposure

09:40AM EDT - Vivid color with long exposure

09:41AM EDT - Now showing a photo gallery of long shots

09:42AM EDT - 'Our phone can see more than your eyes'

09:43AM EDT - example video with AIS

09:43AM EDT - P20 Pro scores 109 points in DXOmark, 114 in photo, 98 in video

09:44AM EDT - 10 points higher than S9+

09:44AM EDT - We wanted P20 and P20 Pro to be the best camera in a smartphone this year

09:44AM EDT - Mel Bles to the stage to share a P20 / P20 Pro moment

09:48AM EDT - >just describing the experiences of the phone

09:51AM EDT - >outside, and in the studio

09:52AM EDT - Ben Wood from CCS Insights points out that the funds that Huawei would have put into an AT&T launch will be redirected into Europe to offset losses. Expect lots of marketing

09:52AM EDT - Richard Yu back to the stage

09:53AM EDT - We want every user to take professional photos with their smartphone

09:53AM EDT - now showing photos taken for the Huawei awards with last years smartphones

09:54AM EDT - Now for P20 / P20 Pro AI

09:54AM EDT - Kirin 970

09:54AM EDT - Dedicated NPU for machine learning

09:54AM EDT - means Apple A11 and SD845

09:55AM EDT - +50% smoothness, +60% performance

09:55AM EDT - Intelligent battery

09:56AM EDT - Super fast charging - 30 mins for 58% charge. TUV safe fast-charge certification

09:56AM EDT - 300% faster iPhone X charging

09:56AM EDT - More apps using HiAI - Google, Amazon, Microsoft

09:56AM EDT - On device Prisma processing

09:57AM EDT - 3.2 sec on P20, 9.6 sec on iPhone X

09:57AM EDT - Shopping by camera using AI

09:57AM EDT - AI Noise Removal - clear conversation even in windy environment

09:58AM EDT - Huawei Partnership with Google - first wave Android 8.1 and NNAPI with custom Google Assistant

09:58AM EDT - AI processor acceleration. 1st wave Google ARCore

09:59AM EDT - VP Google to the stage

10:00AM EDT - discussing Android 8.1 and EMUI 8.1

10:00AM EDT - 'An AI first mobile platform for everyone everywhere'

10:00AM EDT - 8.1 introduces support for NNAPI

10:01AM EDT - Support for NNAPI for entry level phones

10:01AM EDT - New custom Google Assistant AI features for P20

10:02AM EDT - Android messaging using the NPU

10:04AM EDT - App updated every month

10:05AM EDT - Now discussing ARCore - close collab between Google and Huawei

10:06AM EDT - Building AR apps: Porsche, Sotheby's, Gaming, NASA

10:06AM EDT - 50+ apps on ARCore already

10:07AM EDT - ARCode supported in China through the Huawei App Store in China

10:11AM EDT - Richard Yu back to the stage

10:11AM EDT - 360 degree face unlock even in the dark. 0.6s unlock

10:12AM EDT - Huawei Share 2.0 - support for BT and Wifi, up to 96 Mbps

10:12AM EDT - Share between Phones / PC / Mac

10:12AM EDT - Free of charge

10:12AM EDT - No need for a network connection - direct transmission

10:12AM EDT - Huawei Phone Clome

10:13AM EDT - Huawei Health integration

10:13AM EDT - PC Mode

10:14AM EDT - P20 and P20 Pro both support PC Mode

10:14AM EDT - Wireless Hi-Fi with HWA

10:15AM EDT - Dual speakers for Dolby Atmos and Dolby AC-4

10:15AM EDT - Dual SIM on open market - Dual 4G and Dual VoLTE

10:15AM EDT - 1.2 Gbps download Cat 18

10:15AM EDT - 4x4 MIMO

10:16AM EDT - Accessories

10:16AM EDT - Smart covers

10:16AM EDT - Huawei Freebuds - wireless headphones (not free, sold separately)

10:17AM EDT - Huawei Active Noise Cancellation earphones, 3 ANC modes

10:17AM EDT - Huawei Moonlight Selfie Stick with flash

10:17AM EDT - Huawei Band 2 Pro

10:18AM EDT - Now P20 product video

10:20AM EDT - Porsche Design Mate RS version

10:24AM EDT - Notice the cameras are in the middle, and fingerprint on the rear

10:24AM EDT - it's clearly based on a different design platform

10:25AM EDT - We'll have to get a hands on

10:25AM EDT - 'probably the best device money can buy'

10:26AM EDT - 'the 911 GT3 RS of smartphones'

10:27AM EDT - 8-edge 3D curve design

10:27AM EDT - 6-inch, 2K OLED display

10:27AM EDT - Available in black and red

10:28AM EDT - IP67 rated

10:28AM EDT - 512GB of storage

10:28AM EDT - Leather accessories

10:28AM EDT - Aerospace cooling tech

10:29AM EDT - Microcapsule technology (same as Matebook?)

10:29AM EDT - In screen fingerprint

10:29AM EDT - So, this is using Goodix ?

10:29AM EDT - Rear fingerpirnt sensor as well

10:30AM EDT - Face Unlock

10:30AM EDT - Same cameras as P20 Pro

10:30AM EDT - Dual SLS Speakers

10:30AM EDT - 10 Watt wireless charge

10:30AM EDT - 4000 mAh

10:31AM EDT - 4.5V/5A super fast charge

10:32AM EDT - So, 1499 euro? more? these PD phones go up and up in price

10:32AM EDT - Pricing

10:33AM EDT - P20 4GB/128GB at 649 euro, available from today

10:33AM EDT - 'Our software makes our 4GB versions better than other 6GB versions'

10:33AM EDT - P20 Pro, 6GB/128GB will be 899 Euro

10:34AM EDT - PD design: 6GB/256GB is 1695 EUR

10:34AM EDT - 6GB/512GB edition is 2095 EUR

10:34AM EDT - That's a wrap. Time to get some more hands on

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  • GreenMeters - Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - link

    Inane AI buzzwording and pervasive state-sponsored spying baked in. So exited!!!
  • Mondozai - Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - link

    Virtually all of US-made components have backdoors for NSA, CIA etc. Get off your high horse.
  • Superduper - Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - link

    Well, that's false, the US made are not bugged. Apple devices cannot be decrypted for example. And even those that are not made in US, like Lenovo, Motorola, LG, Samsung.... They are all fine
  • A5 - Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - link

    Their real problems are the EMUI sucks and their SoCs aren't competitive with the high-end stuff.
  • jvl - Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - link

    They're competitive alright, but they are at the same time so closed down that no custom ROMs are available (typically).
    Kirin 970's performance seems rather good..
  • Superduper - Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - link

    Maybe you can ask them about the recent move from FCC to ban tgeir devices from US critical infrastructure and about Verizon and AT&T refusing to allow Huawei phones 8n theor networks. All from FBI and CIA recommendations.
  • soliloquist - Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - link

    Although it is true that the FBI (and other US intelligence agencies) did suggest that Huawei phones should not be used and that they were removed from government contract bidding, it was not because of any apparent back door. The rational was that the company is state backed and that they didn't want a foreign government to "gain positions of power inside our telecommunications networks." Also they were concerned that "it provides the capacity to conduct undetected espionage." Meaning they would have access to tremendous amounts of data that may be benign on its own but could be used to extract other unintended information.
  • Ian Cutress - Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - link

    Sascha Segan from PCMag has an excellent article on this. I agree with him.
  • ZeDestructor - Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - link

    Huawei has even gone and accused USA and Australia of using national security as a protectionist measure. Given the complete lack of evidence, some would agree too.
  • joy123 - Saturday, March 31, 2018 - link

    Huwaei is going to get nothing with this

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