Specifications of the Pine D’Music MP3 Player (courtesy Pine Technology)

Memory Capacity

Built-in 32MB memory (expandable to 64MB)

Memory Slot

SmartMedia Card slot (16MB/32MB)

LCD Display

Indicates song title, artist and playing time of each MP3 track, battery, and function key status.


12 MHz, 8 Bit

Output Frequency Range

20Hz ~ 20KHz

Signal to Noise Ratio


Ear Phone Output



Two AAA size general/rechargeable


63mm x 85 mm x 17.5 mm (W x H x D)


62g (without batteries)

CD Programs

XingMP3 Player

AudioCatalyst CD Ripper – Trial Edition

MusicMatch integrated CD/MP3 Player, CD ripper – Trial Edition

The D’Music player comes with only 32MB of onboard memory expandable to 64MB with an additional SmartMedia memory card.  SmartMedia cards are generally quite versatile and can be used in a number of computer peripherals including digital cameras.  The onboard 32MB of memory does not allow for the greatest amount of music storage.  Approximately 32 minutes of music can be stored, assuming a MP3 bitrate level of 128kbps.  The memory of the D’Music can be expanded up to 96MB with the addition of a SmartMedia card, though the price difference between the D’Music base model with 32MB of memory and D’Music with 64MB of memory is approximately $80.

The voice recording feature of the D’Music is quite handy.  Approximately two hours and fifteen minutes of voice recording can be stored on the D’Music.  However, the more voice recordings you make, the less memory you have for songs.  A helpful aspect of the voice recording feature of the D’Music is the repeat button which allows you to replay any desired moment of audio playback.  In addition, the D’Music comes with a voice recording driver for your PC which allows you to upload your recordings to your PC in WAV format.

Like many other MP3 players, the D’Music comes with an equalizer with four presets: pop, classic, jazz, and ex-bass, each of which differs in bass and treble levels.

Though LCD display of the D’Music is very small with dimensions of 34mm x 13 mm (L x W), it manages to display a multitude of information.  When playing music, the LCD screen displays the artist and name of a song, which is acquired from the ID3 attached to each MP3 file, track number, volume level, presence of a SmartMedia card, and battery life.  However, the LCD screen does not display the bitrate of the MP3 files.  Though the LCD screen is not backlit and quite small, it is very readable at a variety of angles.

Bundled with the D’Music is a nifty pouch with enough room for both the player and the included white earphones. 

The D’Music utilizes two AAA batteries like most other MP3 players which indicates that it requires more voltage but not necessarily more power.

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